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Linda Chew Fellow
photo Following a long family tradition of lace making, sewing and embroidery, Linda was encouraged to experiment with cloth, needle and thread from an early age. Consequently her love of fabrics, textures and patterns has always influenced her work with clay.
Dishes, bowls and vases are constructed from soft slabs of porcelain and T-Material, acting as canvases upon which she strives to express a fascination with how patterns work together, creating movement and harmony in and around a form.
She has a large collection of old family lace, vintage textiles and her own knitted and embroidered pieces that she uses for impressing into the clay.
Gathered grasses and leaves from the surrounding countryside, garden and allotment also provide her with delicate silhouettes to add to the final design.
The rich surface textures add to the impact on the senses, reaching out and demanding to be touched and investigated.

Contact details :

42 Cheriton Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5AY
Tel: 01962 867 218
Tel 2: 07947 523612

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